Carpet Cushion

Carpet Cushion

Bonded Carpet Cushion

Polyurethane Foam, sometimes known as rebond, is America’s Favorite. Almost 90% of residential carpet sold today is installed over Bonded Carpet Cushion. You cannot mistake it when you see it, because it is formed by combining chopped and shredded pieces of foam, in different sizes and usually different colors, into one solid piece. Some of the higher end Bonded Carpet Cushions can be produced from Memory Foam. This type of Carpet Cushion provides a comfortable walk underfoot, dampens sound for a quieter home, acts as insulation and is resilient for years of use. 100% recyclable, Leed and certified as CRI Green Label Plus, you can be sure you are choosing the best material for your home and family.

Urethane Foam

Prime polyurethane foam is a firmer version of the same cushioning used in upholstered furniture, mattresses, and automobile seats. Two liquid ingredients are combined to form a large mass of foam which is then sliced into sheets for use as carpet cushion.

Sponge Rubber

Waffled rubber is made by molding synthetic rubber. Heat cures the rubber and forms a waffle pattern. This variety produces a soft resilient cushion whose luxurious feel is particularly useful for residences. It is available in many different thicknesses and densities. These products are excellent for radiant heated floors.

Flat Rubber

Flat sponge rubber is a firm, dense cushion, which has a flat surface and is normally used in large-scale commercial applications or high-end residential housing.


Synthetic fibers include nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and acrylic, which are needle-punched into a relatively dense cushions which have a firm feel and, as with other types of cushion, can be made in virtually any weight, to stand up under light, medium, or heavy traffic, which is how they are usually classified.


Future Guard
Future Gel
Comfort Guard
Prime Elegance
No Crush


Scotchguard Plus
Scotchguard Premium
Scotchguard Supreme
Reliant / Super Magic
Tred-MOR 1562
Tred-MOR 2568
Tred- MOR 2580
Tred-MOR Modular PVI
Bently / Ultra Magic
Whisper Step